Banana Nut Protein Balls 

Some mornings are pure mayhem! Finding enough time to shovel something into your mouth seems impossible, especially when you are a frequent snooze button hitter like ??. If it came down to sleeping 15 more minutes or making a veggie loaded egg white omelet I would 100% skip the omelet….e.v.e.r.y. t.i.m.e. Then when 10am hits, I think to myself “I should have made that omelet!” That’s where these little glorious balls come in handy.  Sleep that extra 15 minutes, grab them, and then hit the road.

It once again all comes down to that prep life. Have it prepped and on hand so you don’t start off your Monday morning in a McDonald’s drive through. These little guys save me all the time and you can tweak them to whatever you have on hand. Throw some protein powder in them, mix up the nuts, or blend in some fruit; you can’t mess em up!


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